My Stories


The Sinking of the Angie Piper (written as Chris Riley) — Coffeetown Press, Blackstone Audio, 2017.

The Broken Pines (written as Chris Riley) — Forthcoming, Nov. 3rd 2022


Of Woodland Textures and Charnel Delights — Mount Abraxas Press (forthcoming)

Short Stories


Finding Georgia — Stupefying Stories Magazine, Issue 1.17; Bards and Sages Quarterly, July 2019: MetaStellar Magazine.

Dinner with Sasquatch, June 2014

When the Sun RisesMirror Dance, Winter 2013

Nothing But A Little Magic!Bards and Sages Quarterly, April 2013

The Infinite Fractal of Skylar Freeborn — Honorable Mention at L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest; Silver Blade Magazine, Issue 21, February 2014; The Centropic Oracle; Shelter of Daylight (forthcoming)

Knowing Then What I Know Now The Hidden Chapter, February 2012

At The Well of Seething Grove — Residential Aliens, December 2011; The Speculative Edge Magazine, January 2013; Digital Fiction Magazine, 2017; Manawaker Podcast

Oh Shit! Sorcerous Signals, November 2011; Mystic Signals Issue #12

The Tattoo Artist — The Absent Willow Review, June  2011; Shelter of Daylight, Issue 9; Tall Tale TV

Dark Fantasy, Weird Tales

The Retribution of John Ramsey — Road Kill: Texas Horror (forthcoming)

From Her Beautiful, Loving Desire — The Doomed House of Abraxas, Vol 1., Mount Abraxas Press

The Coils of Madness — Frostsigils – Mount Abraxas Press

Soft Bellies Made of Flesh and Stone and Oodles of LoveToyon Magazine ; magazine

Ronnie and the RiverWeirdbook Annual Anthology, 2018

From the Labor of God’s WormsDies Infaustus Anthology

Bringing the Bodies HomeWeirdbook Magazine, Issue #40; Freedom Fiction

Twenty Miles and RunningNightscript III

The Dead of NightWeirdbook Magazine, Issue #35; The Nosleep Podcast, Season 12, Issue 2.

Hatchet Man — Double Feature Magazine, Issue #2; Tales From the Moonlit Path

Into the Mountains with Mother Old GrowthWeirdbook Magazine, Issue #31 (2015 Tangent Online Reading List); Night Land Quarterly, Issue #18

White NoisePhobos Magazine, Issue #3; Tales to Terrify Podcast, Issue #351; Tales From the Moonlit Path

The Lord of DarknessThe Literary Hatchet, Issue #10; Sub-Saharan Magazine

Essen die Toten!The Literary Hatchet, Issue #10

A Million Miles AwayNiteblade, Issue #30, December 2014; Manawaker Podcast; MetaStellar Magazine

There is No GodMemento Mori, JWK Publishing

The Evil Scarecrow and the Bone PitFabula Argentea, April 2014; Tall Tale TV

Diary of a BoggartT. Gene Davis’ Speculative Blog, February 2014

Corn-fed Baby and GravyBlack Treacle Magazine, August 2013; Bete Noire Magazine, Issue #20; The Chamber Magazine

Transient Number FiveBete Noire Magazine, Issue #16; Manawaker Podcast

Shit for LuckSK Tres Tria Antho

En MasseBarnyard Horror Anthology

The Hand CollectorUnderground Voices, November 2012

The Bones of Hyrum HillDenizens of Darkness Anthology

FireThe Darkness Within Anthology

Ornery BearBizzarocast, May 2013

Something About Roy — Danse Macabre, Aug 2012; Darkness Internal, Issue #2; Tales From the Moonlit Path

A Place to Call HomeUnderground Voices, May 2012; Underground Voices 2012 Anthology, From the UV Files

What Little They KnowUnderground Voices, February 2012; Twisted Dreams Magazine, May 2014

Eyes for the Succubus — Orion’s Child, January 2012; Twisted Dreams Magazine, October 2013

The RendezvousUnderground Voices, January 2012

To Hunt and Torture Bards and Sages Quarterly, July 2012

Somewhere East of Santa FeCover of Darkness, Issue 11; Abstract Jam, Issue #3

Dear MadelineLegends and Lore, 2014; Kaidankai Podcast (forthcoming)

Ursus HorribilisBete Noire Magazine, Issue #6

Reaching OutThe Horror Zine, December 2011; Feast of Frights Anthology, 2012

Creatures of HabitUnderground Voices 2011 Anthology, Hotel Oblivion

The People’s MasterpieceRoar and Thunder, June 2012; The Darkness Internal, Issue #3; Synthetic Reality Magazine (forthcoming)

Alas: The Wonderful Sound of NatureBlood Moon Rising, October 2011

The RevelationEschatology, September 2011; Darkness Internal, Issue #1; Tales From the Moonlit Path

Gulp!Roar and Thunder, June 2011

The LurchDeath Head Grin, Volume 23

Went, May 2011

Through the Eyes of HimBleeding Ink Anthology, July 2012

Science Fiction

Child of the UniverseStarShipSofa, No 646, 2020;  Fifth Dimension Magazine, December 2021

The NIB; And a Brief Study in Cosmic IrrelevanceWeirdbook Magazine, July 2022

The Singing TreeStarShipSofa, No 541, 2018;  Shelter of Daylight, Autumn 2021; Society of Misfits, Feb 2022 

Bleeding DeepSaturday Night Reader, September 2014; Sub-Saharan Magazine

Endangered SpeciesDark Edifice Magazine, May 2013

Becoming YoungStatic Movement, May 2012

The Men with Green, April 2012

Celestial Eradication 1.0 — Orion’s Child, May 2012

Somewhere in the Restaurant of a Distant GalaxyDeath Head Grin, Volume 31

Proximus 6598, Bethal Quadrant… The WiFiles, January 2012

And They Blamed it on El ChupacabraBards and Sages Quarterly, July 2011

Insufficient TransactionBewildering Stories, Issue 434

Gravity 101The Horror Zine, March 2011; The Speculative Edge Magazine, August 2012; Speculative Edge Best of the Year, 2012 (winner of the August Reader’s Choice)

Literary, General, Other

The Things We FindEarth Island Journal, 2021

A Day in the Life of Alfonso Roberto Gonzalez IIIShort Story Town, March 2021

A Fool in the WoodsWoods Reader, Summer, 2020, (Audio Version)

Dear Mountain LionWoods Reader, Winter, 2019

A Eulogy for ShitChrome Baby, Issue #11

Old BetsyInwood Indiana, August 2013

A Lap for JennyMidwest Literary Review, November 2011; The Wax Paper

The SupervisorUntreed Reads Publishing, November 2011

The Journey of A Million ApplesInwood Indiana, August 2013


2 thoughts on “My Stories

  1. Geoff says:

    Care to have a timeline on either published or written (or both)?

  2. […] Chris Riley got his start writing short stories, and he has written many. His focus is science fiction, horror, and weird/strange stories. Many have been published; explore his work here. […]

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