In the End…

Obviously I’m not much of a blogger. It’s been a while since the last one. That said, I’ve still been punching away at the writing bag. Had several short stories published since the last post, and am looking forward to my debut collection getting published with Mount Abraxas Press, soon. This month, next month, sometime within the year. This is a huge accomplishment for me. This publisher, located in Bucharest, produces some of the finest hardcover books in the genre (weird/dark fiction). I am forever honored and grateful to see a few of my stories placed on the same shelves as fine authors such as Mark Valentine, D.P. Watt, Damien Murphy, John Howard, and Reggie Oliver, to name but a small few. The collection is titled Of Woodland Textures and Charnel Delights, comprised of 3 short stories and 1 novella, all previously unpublished material. More on this to come…

In other news, my venture into the more mainstream circles of writing (works written as Chris Riley, as opposed to Christian Riley–so damn original, I know), has me waiting on the glacial sidelines of submission. My current agent, the esteemed and sterling gentleman, Jacques de Spoelberch, had sent my completed manuscript out many months ago…and we are still waiting. Got a few rejections, which was to be expected, but as for the rest, it’s all crickets. This might be a good thing. But maybe not. Time will certainly tell. In the meantime, I will be seeing a short story under this same author name, being released next month in a literary journal titled “Woods Reader”. A fun little memoir called Dear Mountain Lion, which took me back to my years of living in the Pacific Northwest. I wrote the piece in two short hours.

And finally, in the mean-meantime, I am currently working on a dystopian novel, which is flying by. Quite literally. I began the novel in late November, and have written over a quarter of it already. The title to this post is a hint as to my writing inspiration, and it is linked straight to the song by Linkin Park. We shall see…

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