The World of Editing…!

It’s been almost a year since my last post–as you can see I am terrible at this blogging thing. But at last, I have something to share:

Let it be known that editing a novel is a labor of love. Since my last post, I have witnessed the sale of my novel to both Coffeetown Press, as well as Blackstone Audio, (a million thanks again to the amazing Mark Gottlieb, of Trident Media Group). I have undergone the many rounds of editing, and for any aspiring author out there, let me say that these “rounds” were as much rewarding as they were troubling. I learned so much about truly writing a good book, after the many emails and phone calls with my editor.

The title of my novel has been changed, more than once, but I’m confident enough to post what I believe is the final title: THE SINKING OF THE ANGIE PIPER. It is a great title, and with a wonderful cover to match. Publication is set for this summer, and I will post official dates when I receive them.



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