Looking Back, Looking Forward

Looking Back…

It turns out that I have nothing to complain about regarding my writing career (yes, I can actually call it that now, as opposed to a “hobby”), as 2015 brought with it an abundance of recognition/accomplishments. I started the year with my first professional short story publications–WHITE NOISE, in Phobos Magazine–and ended the year with seeing my story INTO THE MOUNTAINS WITH MOTHER OLD GROWTH on the 2015 Tangent Online Recommended Reading List. But what happened in between…?

At the end of March, Douglas Draa accepted “Mother Old Growth” for the 31st issue of Weirdbook Magazine. Thanks again, Doug!

First Base.

The first weekend of June, I found literary representation for my debut novel, SAILING THE BELUGA. And that representative happens to be the #1 ranked Agent (for deals), at the #1 ranked Agency (for the industry as a whole–15 years running)…Thank you Mark Gottlieb, of Trident Media Group.

Second Base.

In late July, I received an AMAZING advance praise for said novel from the #1 New York Times Best Selling Author, James Rollins–Thank You Mr. Rollins!

Third Base.

And in the late fall, I signed my official contract with my new publisher, Coffeetown Press, for SAILING THE BELUGA. Thanks to everyone involved with this!

Home Run!

Like I said, nothing to complain about.

Looking Forward…

I do wish I had more time for writing. And of course, I wish I could somehow leverage myself into this career full time–the ultimate goal. I don’t know if 2016 will allow me to do this, but it is certainly a goal for the future. My long-standing joke still remains in effect: It wouldn’t take much to replace a teacher’s salary. Sad, but true.

As I am now knee-deep in the editorial process of my novel, I am thinking and preparing for all those strategies that will get me to my ultimate goal. Marketing is the key player here, and this next year I will be more active with this. Some of my goals are:

  1. Revamp my website/blog/internet presence
  2. Learn more about twitter, and how best to use my account without pissing a bunch of peeps off
  3. Create business cards
  4. Add additional accounts for Amazon, and Goodreads

Granted, I still need to complete the stages of my novel, in preparation for publication–all in good time.



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