What? A Book Deal!

Wonderful news I’m announcing. I’ve entered into a contract with a publisher for my debut novel! As any writer knows, this is a MONUMENTAL ACHIEVEMENT. In June, I acquired my agent, and now, I’ve acquired my publisher! In a few short months, this goofy hobby of creating stories has become a life-changing event for me. But it hasn’t been just a few months–I’ve been working diligently at this craft for four years now. Also, I have many people to thank, and to be sure, each of them will be acknowledged. Now….where’s the champagne?

2 thoughts on “What? A Book Deal!

  1. Geoff says:

    Congratulations Chris! You’ve got great talent. Can’t wait to see your published work.

  2. Thanks for the Hoorah, Geoff. And I can’t wait to sign your copy! 🙂

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