Georgia Found!

More good news: my story “Finding Georgia” was recently accepted at Stupefying Stories Magazine. This is a nice publication that I’ve been badgering with submissions for a few years now–glad to finally get in.

I took a few literary indulgences with this story, experimenting with both the narrative voice, as well as tense. I’ll be curious to see how well it’s received from readers.

Corn-fed Baby and Gravy…

Corn-fed Baby and Gravy is now in print at Bete Noire Magazine. This story has a long running history with my daughter Jessica, and me, only because of the title. Although we’ve had a lot of laughs with it, she won’t be reading it anytime soon. It’s a classic horror story, featuring a real big baby with a real big appetite!

In other news, I’m putting some decent rounds into my second book. Got 25% of it done, and the goal is to be finished by June. Another literary suspense, with themes similar to my debut novel, SAILING THE BELUGA, (forthcoming from Coffeetown Press), I have yet to come up with a title for this new book. But as always, I have faith in my Muse.

What? A Book Deal!

Wonderful news I’m announcing. I’ve entered into a contract with a publisher for my debut novel! As any writer knows, this is a MONUMENTAL ACHIEVEMENT. In June, I acquired my agent, and now, I’ve acquired my publisher! In a few short months, this goofy hobby of creating stories has become a life-changing event for me. But it hasn’t been just a few months–I’ve been working diligently at this craft for four years now. Also, I have many people to thank, and to be sure, each of them will be acknowledged. Now….where’s the champagne?

Say hello to Mother!

First quarter of 2015, and I’ve made a killer sale to a most distinguished publisher of all things strange, and horrible! Weirdbook Magazine bought my story, Into the Mountains with Mother Old Growth. It will be featured in their 31st issue, (the magazine’s “comeback issue,” after a 17 year hiatus).

Shifting gears, I plan on eeking out a few more short stories, before getting back to The Bones of Hyrum Hill. With the grace of my muse, I hope to complete the novel by year’s end. Perhaps a trip to Atlanta, in May, will stoke some fires!

A great way to end the year!

2014 started off well, and ended with a bang! I made my first professional story sale as of this week–my story “White Noise” sold to Phobos Magazine. The story will be featured in the magazine’s third issue, early in 2015. This bit of success has been four years in the making, and was well worth the effort. Now, to keep the momentum going.

For 2015, my goal is to sell more short stories, and to finish my current novel project: a long version of “The Bones of Hyrum Hill.”